Now you can improve your content thanks to Cibeles’ Artificial Intelligence writing assistant.

The new
newsroom assistant
installed in WordPress allows to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) as a useful work tool for editors, in the edition of the publication’s news.

How can I use the editorial assistant within the news item?

In the different fields of the classic WordPress editor where this symbol appears, the editor wizard can help you with the task.

Functions will be progressively added to the different fields of the news item.

Currently, the writing assistant is active in the headline, in the text of the news (summary) and in the tags, and with the tool, you will be able to:


Get more descriptive headlines, in line with the information and SEO.

Generate Clickbait headlines. Very eye-catching or attractive for SEO purposes

Get a summary of the content of the entry and place it in the extract, at the beginning of the text of the entry, or in the custom field you have defined.

Automate the task of including tags in the entries, or on the contrary, select the ones you want to use, being able to generate on demand, as many tags as you need.


  • This tool can generate inconsistencies, falsehoods and other errors, it is the editor’s task to moderate, review and validate the content used for publication.
  • Use the tool with caution, because if you are not sure of the answer, you may make it up.
  • This tool has limited knowledge of the world and its events after 2021. In later versions, this limitation will disappear
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