Media content manager

Editorial assistant within the news

Cibeles Group’ s editmaker CMS incorporates Artificial Intelligence in its structure

to make it easier for journalists to create and manage content in an agile and intuitive way.

Currently, the editorial assistant can work integrated within the news fields

or as a separate menu with additional options.

Among the most outstanding integrated functions of the assistant we can find:


From editmaker we can obtain attractive or highlighted headlines in order to get more attention from our readers, or simply to improve the SEO of our news. To do this, the assistant will read the text of the news, and will show us in a window on the screen, several options of headlines, which we can expand with the button "generate more" until we get the most appropriate one.


In the news entry field, the Summary tool of the editorial assistant has been placed. The system takes all the text of the news item to write a text as a summary that can be inserted in the heading field.


The so-called Refrito is the ideal tool to include press releases from agencies/companies. The system rewrites a text by changing sentences and wording. You will find the button of the editorial assistant just above the field "news text".


The wizard can include up to 7 default tags taken from the text of the news item. The system allows to generate more tags on demand whenever the user needs it.

Generation of images for the news

In the Editmaker photo menu, the new Edit Assistant tool, which generates images automatically using OPEN IA’s image AI, called DALLE-E, has been added to the Editmaker photo menu.

Thanks to the reading of the news, the system will suggest up to three possible “scenarios” from which the user can select (or modify) the most suitable one, and generate up to three images. This tool allows you to obtain not only unique images, but also images that are appropriate to the indicated theme.

SEO tools with AI in the news

In the main Editmaker news menu, we find a new functionality of the Editorial Assistant: the generation of SEO meta tags made with Artificial Intelligence.

Using the wizard as a separate menu

In the main editmaker news menu, a new option has been included, which is the editorial assistant, which opens a new window with a separate menu when you click on it. It is thought this way, to be able to use the tool to the maximum, and then copy and paste the information in another open window where the editmaker news will be.

Among the powerful tools that stand out in this menu, we can find:  a content generator,  a text corrector  and a translator(30 languages), in addition to the tools that are already integrated in the news.

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