Locotipo Inteligencia Artificial de Cibeles

Cibeles AI plugin for wordpress

Editorial assistant within the news

The new WordPress plugin for Cibeles, allows you to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) as

to edit your content, a simple and useful work tool for journalists.

Currently, the following options are active in the plugin:

You can download the Artificial Intelligence plugin from the following URL, or use the plugin finder from your WordPress installation:


With the Cibeles Artificial Intelligence plugin from WordPress we can obtain automatically:

- A long headline.
- A short headline.
- A Clickbait format headline, with an attractive and direct language, to get more attention from our readers, or simply to improve the SEO of our news.

To obtain the headline, the assistant will read the text of the news, and will show us in a window on the screen, several options of headlines, which we can expand with the "generate more" button until we obtain the most suitable one.


In the text field of the entry, the Summary tool of the writing assistant has been placed. These are two buttons with two preset options

- Summary: Option that displays a summary of the text with three possibilities: include it at the beginning of the text of the entry, in the extract field, or copy to place it anywhere (suitable for custom fields).

- Auto-extract: a summary of the text is automatically generated and placed by default in the extract field.


With the Cibeles Artificial Intelligence plugin you can include default tags taken from the text of the news item. Labels can be included in different ways:

- Tags: with this option, the wizard suggests a minimum number of tags, which can be selected individually or as a group, and then included in the entry (more tags can be generated on demand).

- Autotags: the assistant will automatically include a minimum number of tags in the entry.

Tags are now indicated with a green check mark if they already exist in the system, allowing the editor to use existing tags instead of creating new ones.


Ideal to include press releases from agencies/companies. The system rewrites a text by changing sentences and wording.


The system will show the original text and next to it, the corrected text, with the corrections in bold and blue.


The introduction can be easily added at the beginning of the content with just one click.


The Conclusion can be easily added at the end of the content with just one click.


Generates a news item based on a YouTube video, including title, description and subtitles or transcript, if available. In case the subtitles are too long, additional queries will be made to obtain a concise summary. More information


Figures are generated using the content provided in the input, allowing accurate and relevant data to be obtained for analysis or reporting.


The chronology is generated from the content present in the input, which allows to organize in a sequential way the relevant events or data for its analysis or presentation.


To create the FAQ, the content of the entry is extracted and processed, which facilitates the generation of a structured list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Short title generation

Summary generation

Label Generation

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