How to create a news from a Youtube video

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The Cibeles AI artificial intelligence plugin for WordPress allows you to generate complete news from YouTube videos, thanks to its writing assistant. It analyzes the selected video and extracts the title, description and possible subtitles to create a complete news item ready to be published on the platform. This new functionality facilitates the creation of attractive content, saving time and effort for communication professionals.

The Cybele AI plugin now allows you to generate complete news stories from YouTube videos, including title and description.

Cybele, a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence tools for WordPress, has taken a big step forward with its latest release. Its acclaimed plugin, Cybele AI, has added an exciting new feature: the ability to generate complete news stories based on YouTube videos.

With this new feature, WordPress users will be able to take full advantage of YouTube videos, automatically transforming them into informative and engaging content. The Cibeles AI editorial assistant analyzes the selected video and extracts both the title and description to create a news item ready for publication.

But that’s not all. If the video has subtitles or a transcript, Cybele AI will also use them to generate a concise summary of the news story. In case the subtitles are too long, the wizard will perform additional queries to obtain a more compact and readable summary.

Find out how this innovative functionality will revolutionize the way we create content

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This new functionality not only facilitates the creation of content based on YouTube videos, but also opens up a world of possibilities for content creators and journalists. They will now be able to share news and relevant information more efficiently and effectively, leveraging YouTube’s visual content and audience.

Imagine being able to cover events, interviews or product presentations using the original video as a basis, without having to transcribe or summarize manually. With Cibeles AI, the process of generating engaging content is significantly simplified, saving time and effort for communication professionals.

A tool for journalists

In addition, the Cibeles AI plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing users to access all its functionalities directly from the platform. The automatic generation of headlines, summaries and labels, along with the ability to rewrite text and add introductions and conclusions, makes Cybele AI a must-have tool for any content creator.

If you want to take your publications to a new level, optimizing the use of YouTube videos and generating complete news quickly and easily, you can’t miss the latest update of Cibeles AI. Download it now and discover how this powerful tool can transform the way you share content with your audience.

With Cybele AI and its new YouTube video-based news functionality, the future of content creation has arrived!

How does it work?

Example for generating complete news stories from YouTube videos

We are going to use the following video: in which there is an interview of the presenter and journalist Jesús Quintero to the writer Arturo Pérez Reverte to generate complete news from YouTube videos:

Automatically generated news:

Jesús Quintero’s interview with Arturo Pérez-Reverte in February 2006 has been the subject of attention in the media and social networks due to the polemic positions expressed by the Spanish author.

In the video, which can be found on the YouTube platform, a variety of topics ranging from life and death, to television and politics are discussed. Pérez-Reverte is known for his provocative and outspoken style, and this is clearly reflected in the interview with Quintero. The author begins by commenting on a conflict with Francisco Umbral, which caused some controversy at the time. Pérez-Reverte says he has nothing more to say on the subject, since Umbral has not responded to his reply.

Next, the writer addresses the concept of “goodism” in today’s society, deploring young people’s lack of contact with the reality of the world and their discomfort with the idea of pain and death. According to Pérez-Reverte, this approach can lead to a hypocritical and courageless society.

He defends the need to fight and defend oneself, not only from external enemies but also from internal ones, and affirms that anyone can do unthinkable things in certain situations.

Therefore, he believes that political correctness can be negative for society. Pérez-Reverte also reflects on the importance of maintaining a reputation and the existence of enemies when you are successful. In his opinion, the experience of being a war correspondent and reading many books has influenced his work.

He also expresses concern about the lack of honest rulers and the incompatibility of certain cultural values between the West and the Islamic world.

Finally, Pérez-Reverte announces the production of several films based on his novels, which has generated great expectation among his fans.

In summary, Jesús Quintero’s 2006 interview with Arturo Pérez-Reverte addresses a number of controversial and contentious issues that remain relevant today. Through his frank and provocative comments, the Spanish author makes clear his perspective on life, society and politics.


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