Improve your content with the Editorial Assistant of Cibeles

Cibeles incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to WordPress and Editmaker as a useful working tool for editors, in the edition of the publication's news.

Simple and intuitive

Locotipo Inteligencia Artificial de Cibeles

With Ai Cibeles Assistant you can:

Improve publication content

Adding editorial content to each of your publications

Automated labeling and summaries

Rewriting texts to personalize them and turn simple press releases into unique articles

Increase the quality of your articles with the
Editorial Assistant

Find out how the Wizard can help you produce higher quality content for your readers

Advantages of using the wizard

Improved productivity:

Using the Writing Assistant can help journalists be more productive when writing articles. This is because the Wizard provides a variety of tools and resources that allow users to create content quickly and efficiently.

Facilitates editing:

The Wizard also facilitates the editing of articles, as it offers functions such as word search and replace, spelling and grammar correction, as well as style checking. This means that journalists can save time when editing their articles, as they no longer have to spend a lot of time checking every word to make sure it is correct.

Improve the quality of the content:

The software can also help journalists produce higher quality content. This is because the software offers resources such as article templates, research and analysis tools, as well as a variety of resources to improve writing. This means journalists can create more informative and engaging content for readers.

Increases the productivity of journalists:

Find out how the Assistant can help journalists be more productive when writing articles.


Documentation: create an article completely from scratch, or add information to an article, to add more value to your content

Summary: create your own entries summarizing the text you are working on.

Tags: the Wizard will automatically provide you with labels / tags on the text you specify.

Translator: translates any text you provide to the Wizard


Refrito: rewrite a press release, change words and text automatically and turn the information into something unique and personalized for your media, with just one click.

ClickBait: create eye-catching and optimized headlines on the same text you prepare

Images: create a unique, royalty-free image based on the text you point to in the Wizard

Proofreader: review and improve texts created with the Wizard.

SEO tools with AI in the news

As onpage SEO is becoming more and more important to improve the visibility of the website, Editmaker allows you to automate the custom creation of meta tags for each news item.

Meta tag title - Meta tag description - Meta tag Keywords

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